We place great importance in making you feel at home in our space

Our unique clinic design respects you and your privacy as you go through your fertility journey. Our room is designed with patient driven intention in mind. In fact, our room is designed for patients by patient- based on Cayenne's years of experience as a fertility patient herself and an architect specialising in luxury hotel design.

We aim to reinvent fertility treatment by designing a better clinic experience. To redefine what you should expect from a medical centre.

We know that whatever brings you to Dr Lighten's room may be stressful or uncomfortable. We are driven to provide you with the most comfortable and reassuring experience possible. When you step into Dr Lighten's room, we want you to know you have entered a supported place of tranquility, somewhere you can be made to feel at home.

We believe that discretion and privacy is the ultimate luxury, and the design of our room- the privacy wall and the minimal signage reflects this.

We believe in communication. We understand the stress and fear of the uncertainties in this journey, therefore we highly prioritise and understand the importance of communicating with our patients.