One of the most commonly asked questions is, “How do we transport our frozen embryo/s, eggs or sperm if you were to continue your fertility journey with Dr Lighten?”

We understand the IVF process can be challenging, and the last thing you need to worry about is changing clinics, handover of treatment records and the shipping of your embryos, eggs or sperm. Our top priority is to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption and your precious cargos are handled with meticulous care from clinic to clinic, safely and securely.

Once we received your confirmation to continue  treatment with Dr Lighten, City Fertility Clinic will guide you through the embryo import documentation process. At this stage, you will need to contact Genea and complete the necessary release forms with them. CFC will then notify the lab who coordinates the rest, including transportation and storage.

Dr Lighten’s admin team is always ready to provide assistance for a seamless transition between clinics. Our patients are at the heart of everything we do at Dr Lighten’s practice.

Our priority is to ensure that our patients feel looked after and supported in every stage of the process and to answer any questions you have during the treatment.

Yes, transportation of frozen embryos and sperm is extremely safe and secure. Sperm, eggs and embryos are safely transported between clinics on a regular basis. Scientists use a specifically designed transport canister to ensure all sperm/eggs/embryos are protected and maintained at appropriate liquid nitrogen temperature.

You can be assured that their welfare will be in the very capable hands of a specialised medical transport company whilst they are travelling between the two clinics.

If you are ready to start treatment immediately, you may be eligible for transport and arrangement fees to be waived. It is at Dr Lighten’s discretion to cover the cost fully or partially after the grace period.

If you are not planning to start treatment within the next 6 months, we suggest not to move your frozen embryo/s, egg/s or sperm speculatively.

Just like any other clinic, you will be charged storage fee if longer term storage is required to keep your unused/ frozen gamete/s, egg/s, and sperm safe and secure.

Further information will be provided upon your confirmation to switch clinic.

Frozen gametes can be transferred to City Fertility Clinic so that you can start fertility treatment there straight away or kept stored in readiness for when you want to try again.

City Fertility Clinic’s highly experienced embryologist will thaw your frozen gametes in the same way as the fertility centre where they were originally frozen.

Your treatment price will vary depending on the level of assistance you require. Dr Lighten has prepared a simplified cost structure as a guideline for each patient’s tailored treatment.

Once a treatment plan has been established by Dr Lighten, one of CFC’s patient services staff will contact you to organise for a comprehensive and individualised Patient Information Pack to be sent to you. All aspects of your fertility treatment, including the exact cost structure, will be included in the information sent to you.

CFC patient services administrators are available to discuss any questions you may have regarding treatment fees, Medicare and private health rebates.

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do at Dr Lighten’s practice, and we work with you to make the treatment go as smoothly as possible.

We do this by taking care of all the details, making visits to CFC a relaxed, trouble-free experience. We can plan and organise return transfer on your behalf to minimise all possible stress on the day of your procedure with our partnering limousine hire.

If you prefer to drive, details of parking arrangement will be provided before your visit.

No, we have partnering pathology and ultrasound imaging provider in various locations for your convenience.

The plan to run monitoring sessions with a dedicated nurse in our own room is in place. However, due to uncertainties from the current COVID19 situation, the plan is briefly on hold until further notice.

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